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First X-Car-Launch Coaster for Drievliet, Netherlands

The first X-Car Coaster set to be realized. Having already reaped six prices allocated to their X-Car for design and innovation, the Munich-based roller coaster specialists of Maurer Söhne are about to build an exciting custom-designed installation for Drievliet Amusement Park, which is scheduled to open in 2007.

Ein kompaktes Layout hat der erste X-Car-Launch Coaster

A compact Layout

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To give a brief idea of what this extremely compact and diversified track design with Launch effect has on offer: right after the station passengers find themselves propelled in a rocket-like manner. The launch is achieved by an LSM drive (Linear Synchronous Motor), whereby an acceleration of some 65 km per hour is reached within the shortest time, thanks to its high degree of efficiency. This is immediately followed by an extremely compact special loop which leads directly into an Immelmann. A sharp Camelback offering high levels of airtime gets passengers to dream of weightlessness, with the next sensational inverted element already waiting for them: a half cuban eight with subsequent heartroll. The fascinating ride ends with a high-banked steep curve right before entering the station. Given this density of ride elements to experience, the compact appearance of the first X-Car Launch Coaster is all the more surprising.

Park requirements included a restriction in height to a maximum of 15 m, which was not regarded by Maurer Söhne as constriction but rather as a challenge.

The diversified ride experience is not only guaranteed by a spectacular ride layout but also by combining this layout with dimensions of experience typical for the X-Car, such as phenomenal seating comfort, outstanding dynamic characteristics, special agility, and inversions as well as ride elements with negative g that can be enjoyed without shoulder restraints. Passengers are safely secured by a mere lap bar and an ergonomically sophisticated bucket seat. Through the X-Car, spectacular ride elements will be even more accentuated.

The new ride in Holland opens up the way for a completely new and unique field when it comes to the use of Launch Coasters. Its compact footprint allows offering the ride at low costs, which can be redeemed quickly. Also, small parks can afford spectacular rides, which helps to attract new groups of visitors who are very likely come over and over again.

As desired by Drievliet Park, the ride will be delivered entirely on a base slab, so that one can do without extensive foundation works. Two single X-Cars will be used, each with six seats. The ride comes with an energy storage system which cuts the top power requirement to 125 kW and helps to further reduce running costs. The ride is scheduled to open in April 2007.

Ein Blick auf´s Layout

A view on the launch and several inversions

Text: Maurer Söhne

Renderings: Maurer Söhne

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