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Roller coasters, the speed machines of theme- and amusementparks around the world, enjoy great popularity for more than 100 years. Today they belong to the outstanding technical structures: Peril, speed and innovation are three keywords among many others that reflect the fascination roller coaster. In April 2000 the web magazine Coastersandmore came into existence to shed light on those multi-faceted, spectacular constructions made by inventive engineers. Today more than 95.000 readers use the extensive offer of information every month. Since 2003 also an english version of selected content is available.

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- more than 2000 high quality photos

- monthly newsletter with more than 2750 subscribers

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- 95.000 readers per month


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Coastersandmore is the most popular roller coaster magazine in Germany. Since 2003 it gets international with an english version. The objective is the same from the very beginning: To amply inform the readers about the respective novelties of the year, to shed light on the most popular roller coasters and to explain the complex technical contexts. Coastersandmore attracts a wide base audience: Next to roller coaster enthusiasts also people from the industrial sector reads the magazine.

In addition, the team possesses a professional competence that is greatly demanded - The references reach from guest articles on over activities as an additional source of information for miscellaneous print media to the supply of photos for well-known publishing companies like Gruner + Jahr or the Axel Springer Verlag. Some examples of our references:

Axel Springer Verlag

divicom GmbH

goldorange GbR

Gruner + Jahr

Gerstlauer Elektro GmbH

Mack Rides GmbH & Co. KG

Maurer Söhne GmbH & Co. KG

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V., The Netherlands

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The information, content, images and code on the Coastersandmore web site is the intellectual property of Coastersandmore and is copyrighted 2000-2005, unless otherwise stated. This includes all images, photographs, written content, HTML and programming code. The content contained herein - - may not be used, sold, reproduced, mirrored, duplicated, distributed or copied in any form or manner, without the prior written consent of the editorial staff of Coastersandmore.

Unless otherwise stated on the individual page, all photographs displayed on the Coastersandmore web site are the property of Coastersandmore, copyright 1993-2005, all rights reserved. All photographic material displayed on the site, regardless of ownership, may not be sold, reproduced, mirrored, duplicated or copied without the prior written consent of the respective owner. For all materials and content used by Coastersandmore, but owned by another, permission must be first obtained from the rightful owner before any part may be copied, distributed, reproduced, sold or used. The author of the work retains all rights. In any case regardless of consent, content may not be mirrored from the web server hosting the Coastersandmore web site at

You must obtain permission before you may use any of the content featured on Coastersandmore web site. To request permission, please contact the editorial staff


Coastersandmore, it's owner(s), freelancer(s), author(s), partners(s) affiliate(s) and advertiser(s), shall not be held liable for any damages caused by the use of this web site. Usage of this web site constitutes acceptance of these terms and any other referenced policies. Visitors use the web site at their own risk.

It is our desire at Coastersandmore to protect the privacy of our readers. You can visit the Coastersandmore web site without revealing any personal, identifiable information. The only information collected or stored during a normal visit is your IP address, browser version, type of computer operating system, referring URL - if any - and a record of the content you viewed, along with the date and time of those requests. During normal browsing we do not collect or store information such as your name or email address. The collected information is used to improve the site experience. We may also share this information with advertisers and affiliates for information purposes.

There are sections or features on the web site that will require you to submit identifiable information to use these features. This information such as your name or email address is received, collected and stored on our web servers. Coastersandmore is concerned about your privacy and therefore we take measures to ensure that the information we collect is secure from outside sources. In some cases the personal information you submit, may be accessible to other visitors of this web site. If it is your desire to remain completely anonymous then you should not participate or use the specific features of the site that require you to submit personal information.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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