Grafik: Skyline Park

The highlight of the IAAPA and the EAS was the prototype of the X-Car presented by Maurer Söhne. Without over-the-shoulder restraints, only kept by a completely new developed, slightly curved restraint in the pelvis area in combination with a special seat, the visitors of the trade shows could be put upside-down.


Maurer Söhne at EAS 2004

Vekoma's Motorbike Launch Coaster


As soon as fall of this year the first delivery on the basis of the new Xtended series will open at Skyline Park in southern Germany. The owners, Petra and Joachim Löwenthal, call it the "highest looping coaster of the world". The riders are put upside-down in a height of 46 meters, and thanks to the restraint system for which a patent application has already been filed a whole new dimension of freedom is achieved.

The heart of the X-Car is the revolutionary X-Seat that was developed together with TÜV Munich, the Institute for Ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich and an engineering office for industrial design. Its special feature is the ergonomic restraint system. Only equipped with a lap bar, forces of more than -1g are possible for longer periods. Due to thorough engineering of the seat arrangement it promises safe fixing properties for slender children of 120 centimeters height as well as for adults of up to two meters with larger upper body dimensions.

X-Carin action

Dr. Alfred Müller shows different compact layouts at the EAS booth in Paris

The new, compact roller coaster at Skyline Park soars aloft: With 50 meters total height it is going to be the third-highest steel coaster in Germany.

The Sky Wheel introduces itself as as vertically put up oval. The Humpty Bump Lift, used by Maurer Söhne for the first time, vertically pulls up the car to the starting point using a chain. There the car slowly leaves the lift in an upside-down (!) orientation, rushes through a heartline spin and dives towards earth in a vertical, wide 180 degrees turn with speeds of more than 100 kilometers per hour. The track length is only 140 meters but the car runs for- and backwards. Skyline Park expects two additional stages of expansions in the next few years.

Already at the Euro Amusement Show near Paris simulations of such compact layouts were shown at the Maurer Söhne booth. But such a fast implementation could not be expected. So Sky Wheel is the second surprising novelty in 2004 together with the Motorbike Launch Coaster by Vekoma for Toverland in the Netherlands.

The opening of the Sky Wheel at Allgäu Skyline Park near Bad Wörishofen is scheduled for fall. It will surely be an enrichment for the selection of thrill rides in the park. The actual eyecatcher is the 90 meters high Sky Rider.

From our editor Jochen Peschel

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