Black Mamba - Deep in Africa  

Artworks of Black Mamba

Now it is official. Phantasialand will present a new main attraction for the 2006 season: Black Mamba, an inverted coaster made by Swiss company Bolliger & Mabillard. Now it is finally known where this mysterious gate will lead next year, which makes - yet still closed - the visitors of the terrace of the "Alt Berlin" restaurant marvel: Right into the heart of Africa - and therewith into a new themed area of Phantasialand.

A good deal of fantasy is necessary for the viewer of the construction site, looking through the observation porthole in the wooden door, to imagine what will arise here within the next year. But especially at Phantasialand one should be able to show the necessary imagination; for those who need a little help, two concept arts are presented at the entrance of the new area, promising a pretty detailed African adventure. Waterfalls, canyons, tropical green and a village of clay and timber structures will impart the patrons a feeling of Central Africa.


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Through this landscape the black track of the inverted coaster will meander, being the first roller coaster at Phantasialand that offers inversions. A "massive physical challenge" is being promised, which will drive the heartbeat of all those who have wanted for the ultimate thrill at the park in Brühl near Cologne for so long. Five inversions await the daring snake hunters, including a vertical looping in a crevice, with a bridge spanning the canyon leading right through it. Overbanked turns and helices round off the layout and let the riders anticipate strong G-forces during the trip.

From the 2006 season adventurers will have to prepare for an all new challenge, since Black Mamba will not only be the parks attraction with the largest footprint, but most likely the most thrilling one, too.

Pictures: Phantasialand, - All rights reserved

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