For the 2005 season several changes have been confirmed for the movie- and entertainment park in Bottrop which was purchased by the British investment firm Palamon Capital Partners in April of this year. Effective immediately the seven European parks formally owned by Six Flags Inc. will now operate under the name of StarParks. With yearly 5,5 million visitors the new enterprise group is by far the third largest theme park operator in Europe. The group employs about 3850 seasonal employees as well as 437 permanent employees.

The change of name to StarParks also concerns the licensing rights which were acquired from Warner Bros. Inc. in 1998 by the former owner Six Flags and which will run out at the end of this season. By the beginning of the upcoming season the name of the park will change to Movie Park. This means for the amusement park in Bottrop-Kirchhellen near Duesseldorf that the licensed characters, the Looney Tunes or DC Comics among others, will no longer be present in the park after the 2004 season.


Time to say goodbye for Tom und Jerry and the other Looney Tunes characters

"We know that the changes are a big challenge but we will continue in the future to elaborate the movie theme in combination with action and adventure. In the next season we will present an attractive park with several new and redesigned attractions", commented Timothy L. Ruedy, General Manager of the Movie Park Germany. The Roxy-Theater will be equipped with the newest 4D-technique and a new film. Also the attractions Batman Adventure, Looney Tunes Adventure as well as the Looney Tunes Land will also be re-themed during the winter break. The themed Looney Tunes park area will open as "Wonderland" with other famous characters.

Timothy L. Ruedy sees the parks future very positively: "The investor is prepared to invest ten million euro in the park for the upcoming season alone. In addition, a five-year plan exists which includes further investments in new attractions." The disentanglement from the American parent company also enables Movie Park Germany to concentrate more on regional market trends.

The mayor of Bottrop, Ernst Loechelt, who was previously informed of the new plans and is also pleased over the new developments: "The film park belongs to the tourist attraction highlights of our city. The future of the amusement park is secured because of the change of owners. We will carry on working closely and confidingly with the management of the park."

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