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Spinball Whizzer
Dragon's Fury
Storm Runner
Achterbahn Klotten

Klotten's roller coaster features a dynamic track layout

Picture: Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten

Higher, faster and further was the day before yesterday - 2004 is ruled by a different scenario. Dæmonen, Dragon´s Fury or Revenge of the Mummy get their adrenaline rush from unexpectedly extreme ride elements, the design and interaction with the environment or even a complex story line.

One example: The new roller coaster at Wildpark Klotten goes strong with an innovative track layout that is based on the Gerstlauer Bobsled Coaster (like used for the famous G´sengte Sau/Tripsdrill). In addition, the ride was masterly integrated into an (artificial) landscape of natural stone in a way so far only known from Nemesis at Alton Towers.

2001 and 2002 have been the years of the mega coasters. In 2003 the almost 130 meters high Top Thrill Dragster sticked out of the mass that mainly pleased Scandinavia with new rides. In 2004 the carousel of novelties spins again, even if the number of new coasters is clearly decimated. There are no gigantic roller coasters among the 60 relevant novelties, the tallest one in Europe is only 28 meters high and 670 meters long. The motto "higher, faster and further" hasn´t been taken up in 2004, but it is not yet forgotten: In a prospect for the next years Swiss Intamin AG announced further "mega coasters"...

Zweite Steilkurve 2
Zweite Steilkurve 3
Gesamtansicht Anlage

Left: Tivoli's persons in charge behind the model of Dæmonen

Pictures: Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens at the heart of Copenhagen presented a real surprise for their 160th birthday. A new roller coaster will move in at the probably "loveliest park on earth" - but it won´t be any. Swiss consulting engineers Bolliger & Mabillard account for Europe´s second floorless coaster. The trains have no floor, so the passengers have an unobstructed view on the track. On the one hand Dæmonen is the smallest and most compact coaster of the renowned company, on the other hand it towers above (almost) every other attraction at Tivoli.

The 82.000 square meters small Gardens are located right next to the train station, and they offer areas of relaxation as well as a mix of historic and modern attractions. Due to the limited space, the Zierer Comet Coaster called Slangen had to quit the field for Tivoli´s fourth roller coaster a few week before the end of the 2003 season. 20 weeks later the last track segment was installed and the 564 meters long ride completed. Right after the lifthill the massive train is dismissed into a spacious helix that is placed at a dizzy height, then the first drop follows and everything happens terrifically fast: A vertical loop, an Immelmann and a Zero-G-Roll are placed immediately after each other and guarantee for an intense ride experience. In the history of B&M there have never been three inversions so close behind each other. Another helix then completes the entertaining adventure. Two trains with 24 seats in six rows will ensure a capacity of 1150 riders per hour.

Left: View from the top of the lifthill

Pictures: Tivoli Gardens

The little monster stretches itself 28 meters in the air - only those knowing the park can foresee how big this ride will appear in the Gardens. As always, Tivoli will perfectly integrate the floorless looper into the Chinese area - restaurants, games and souvenir shops will even be placed below the track. But it remains to be seen if this massive steel construction will spoil the atmosphere of the park.

In the preliminary stages the ride has already won through against three competitors: The concept pushed out the Intamin Rocket Coaster, the Gerstlauer X95 and the Maurer Söhne X-Car Coaster. B&M found their way into the park´s heart and deliverd a coaster that surely fulfils the high expectations. Dæmonen is anticipated to open to the public in Denmark´s capital Copenhagen at the 16th of April.

Dæmonen facts

Europes second B&M floorless coaster in a very compact design


28 meters

Track length

564 meters

Top speed

77 kph

Drop height

20 meters

Ride time

106 seconds


2 for 24 persons each


Bolliger & Mabillard

Opening date

April 16th

Tivoli Gardens official website


Typhoon facts

Looping coaster with four inversions and a breathtaking lift tower with a 97 degrees first drop


25,7 meters

maximum track inclination

97 degrees

Max. banking

90 degrees

Track length

670 meters

Top speed

80 kph




8 for 8 persons each


1400 persons per hour



Opening date

April 10th

Official Bobbejaanland website - Our exclusive article series of the development and construction of Gerstlauer's Eurofighter

97 degrees downwards

As many as three novelties wait for the visitor of family park Bobbejaanland in northern Belgium this year. The so far biggest Junior Coaster by Vekoma Rides Manufacturing from the Netherlands is among them, in addition there will be a gigantic pendulum in primeval design swinging to a height of almost 45 meters and the silver and black Typhoon looping coaster.

The compact design from Gerstlauer, based in southern Germany, offers four inversions, two helices and a breathtaking first drop on a track length of 670 meters. The chain lifts the cars (each one seating eight passengers in two rows) to a height of 26 meters before they dive down. Steeper than vertical, with an angle of 97 degrees the vehicles plunge to be caught by the track and directly being catapulted into a vertical loop. This element literally frames the other three inversion looking from the longside of the ride. After the loop a clearly laid out track follows. On the one hand it lacks creativity, but nevertheless it offers a balanced and varied experience. The two heartline spins, placed in a height of 20 meters directly behind each other, convey an intense feeling of altitude, and the two helices aren´t mean with positive g-forces. On entering the first one the g-forces reach a momentary maximum of five times the acceleration of gravity.


Test rides at the Gerstlauer factory (pictures and video clip)


Typhoon takes the place of the Schwarzkopf Looping Star who put his riders upside-down for 24 years. The optical appearance is pretty futuristic: The small rocket toboggans glide through the cool look of the steel construction, and the station looks like a control center. On the third of April this rocket ride will start into its first season.


Revenge of the Mummy will hurtle riders deep into an ancient Egyptian tomb

Pictures: Universal Orlando

The mummy returns, but this time not in a sequel of the Universal Hollywood movie. Instead, it is an imposing indoor roller coaster that will open almost at the same time at the Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando.

At the mummy coaster the storyline is to the fore. The coaster ride is reduced to an accessory part, but fans of an action packed trip won´t be disappointed either. Manufacturer Premier Rides uses an improved LIM system that totally blurs the border between dark ride and roller coaster with its ability to generate variable speeds. Forwards, backwards, up and down - the maneuvers are breathtaking and propel guests through authenticated Egyptian catacombs and "live" pyrotechnic effects. Having the mummy in one´s rear, using the LIM launcher often will be the only escape.

Just like any Hollywood action movie this attraction offers special effects en masse: Scott Trowbridge, Vice President of the Universal Creative Group, promises a mixture of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit conflagrations only inches above the riders, video projections and animatronics. "The Revenge of the Mummy ride is the next threshold attraction in our industry - there is no other ride like it anywhere." Despite this array of high tech the storyline, which offers a good amount of self-mockery, won´t come off badly. The transition between waiting area, pre show and actual ride is fluid. What begins as a visit to the set ends with re-activating a deadly curse - every 25 seconds one of the escape vehicles will start from the twin loading station.

Picture: Universal Orlando

Regarding the selection of the location Universal treads new paths for the first time: The attractions use the buildings of known dark rides: In Hollywood Steven Spielberg´s E.T. had to move out of the soundstage, in Orlando it was the colossal King Kong with its Tram ride. Especially the location in Florida comes along with the best qualifications for the roller coaster part: As one of the largest soundstages in the world, it has a footprint of 6500 square meters and is 17 meters high. The storyline with the pre show and the show rooms are identical at both parks while the track layout varies slightly.

Universal doesn´t reveal much, only that Revenge of the Mummy will overshadow every existing ride: 80 million US-Dollars have been invested into both versions. Whether those grandiose promises will correspond to reality or not can be checked in Orlando from the middle of May and in Hollywood from the middle of June.

Revenge of the Mummy facts

Indoor roller coaster with breathtaking special effects, based on the popular "Mummy" films. Special features: LIM launch forwards and backwards.

Top Speed

40 mph

Maximum track inclination

50 degree

Maximum banking

80 degree

Ride time

4 minutes


Premier Rides and Universal Creative

Official Universal themeparks and resorts website


Spinball Whizzer and Dragon's Fury facts

Custom-designed spinning coasters of Munich based Maurer Söhne

Spinball Whizzer at Alton Towers


17 meters

Track length

450 meters


8 with 4 seats


Maurer Söhne

Opening date

March 27th

Alton Towers official website. Pictures series of the construction at

Dragon's Fury at Chessington World of Adventures


18 meters

Track length

540 meters


8 with 4 seats


Maurer Söhne

Opening date

March 27th

Chessington World of Adventures official website. Pictures series of the construction at

Dragon's Fury cars spin above a themes area


The spinning coasters from Munich-based company Maurer Söhne are well known as the compact SC2000 from traveling fairs as well as from Phantasialand where Winja´s Fear & Force rotate their passengers around their own axis for two years now. The last two rides are peppered with numerous special effects like vertical lifts, see-saw elements or dropping track segments, and so they are two of the technically most sophisticated coasters in Europe. For the British park operator Tussauds this was reason enough to built two customized rides in two of their English destinations.

One is heading towards Alton Towers, the park with the first B&M coaster in Europe, the second towards Chessington World of Adventure in the south-west of London. Both spinning coasters are about 450 meters long, up to 18 meters high and offer totaly different track layouts.

Spinball Whizzer orients to the theme of a gigantic pinball machine. The car with its passengers becomes an oversized ball that aims at numerous targets. The highlight of the compact layout is an arrangement of two interlocking halfpipe turns, at whom the car goes up a steep face, makes a turn high in the air and glides down again, out of the 80 degrees steep and 12 meters high element that causes a directional change. The entries and exits of those figures are arranged parallel, so there will surely be many encounters between the cars.

Spinball Whizzer has a very compact design

Picture left: - picture right: Alton Towers

Drehchaise von Dragon's Fury
Kurvige Abfahrt
Immelmann Turn


3D-layout of the spinning coaster heading to Metropolitan Park, Beirut/Lebanon

Picture: Maurer Söhne

Because of height restrictions Dragon´s Fury is equipped with two lifts. It is a few meters longer than the coaster at Alton Towers, and the track forms a spacious oval that interacts with the new area Land of the Dragons. Helices, a halfpipe and abrupt directional changes give many impulses to the cars that will result in fast spinning. The layout is square-edged, offers unusual ride combinations and is very different to the off-the-shelf design of the first Spinning Coasters 2000 delivered by Maurer Söhne. It breathes new life into the coaster monotony and seems to be the deciding sign for future developments - You can find the original layout in our Euro Amusement Show 2004 feature. Another customized ride from Maurer Söhne offers a similar characteristics to Dragon´s Fury, but it will open at faraway Metropolitan Park near Beirut/Lebanon. This customized roller coaster is integrated in a 30 degrees step mountain side.

Spinball Whizzer and Dragon´s Fury will start spinning their passengers at both Tussauds parks Alton Towers and Chessington World of Adventures from March 27th, the first day of the 2004 season.


Logo: Hershey Park

A coaster train races through large parts of Hershey Park like a whirlwind and even iteracts with three existing attractions. The adventure on the rectangular, 792 meters long layout lasts for only 60 seconds, but it will create a steady adrenalin rush for sure.

Storm Runner is the logical successor of the Intamin Rocket Coasters Xcelerator and Top Thrill Dragster, uniting horizontal launch and Top Hat with novel and newly arranged inversions. The well-known hydraulic launch system was adjusted to a top speed of 115 kilometers per hour and it catapults the projectile into the familiar but slightly modified Top Hat element within two seconds. The entry and exit are now arranged at right angles. But this 46 meters high element is just the beginning. Three inversions that can hardly be defined in places follow. One begins like a huge vertical loop and ends in a banked curve - the train positively dives into the depth. One Barrel Roll and the novel Flying Snake Dive complete this arrangement.

Two trains operate on the track that is over so fast that the designers chose a twin loading station with a switch to prevent the trains from blocking themselves in the station. Unlike at the first two Rocket Coasters the riders here will be secured by an over the shoulder restraint. Storm Runner will open on Mai 8th at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, the amusement park run by the Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company which emerged from the Hershey Food Corporation in 1927.

Storm Runner facts

First Intamin Rocket Coaster with inversions - Hershey Parks 10th roller coaster


46 meters

Max. drop height

55 meters

Track length

792 meters

Top speed

120 kph

Catapult launch

0 - 116 kp/h in 2 seconds



Ride time

60 seconds


2 for 20 persons each


1200 persons per hour

Ride manufacturer


Opening date

Mai 8th

Picture series and virtual ride at the official website of Hershey Park


Roller coaster Klotten facts

Complex themed roller coaster with single cars


20,5 meters

Track length

532 meters

Max. track inclination

46 degrees

Max. banking

81 degrees

Top speed

60 kph


7 for 4 persons each


550 persons per hour



Opening date

April 1st

Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten official website

Construction picture series

Vorbereitung des Geländes
Steinwand 1 Steinwand 2
Errichten des Felskanals Die ersten Schienen werden verlegt
Stützenmontage Erste Auffahrt im Vordergrund
Mauskurven über dem Moseltal Montage des zweiten Drops
Camelbacks Hinterer Anlagenteil
Schlusshelix Noch offene Tunneldurchfahrt
Fertiggestellter Schlussabschnitt

Right: Four back-to-back camelbacks

Until last year, Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten was a white spot on the coaster map. In 2004 everything is different: The "hot trip" through the volcano will open to the public at a park that to date has only put its money on larger game and amusement devices. Even a look at the plans shows the dimensions of the project: The 532 meters long Gerstlauer roller coaster is only the beginning. In 2005 a themed gastronomy is due to open in a huge stylized volcano, one year later a log flume with two drops and a backwards section is supposed to complete the project. The whole point is that both rides will be embedded in an artificial landscape made of natural stone.

In the second half of 2003 a pasture of 150 times 75 meters, located high above the Moselle valley, was transformed into a rocky terrain with ravines, tunnels and lakes. The rock faces are up to six meters high and form a canal that is only three meters wide in places. In one part this canal is shared by the coaster and the log flume: The cars of the coaster negotiate some bunny humps while the boats of the water ride swim calmly underneath. Next to this breathtaking interaction of water, steel and rock the track of the only 20 meters high roller coaster offers ingenious ride combinations. The second drop, implemented as a spiral, high speed curves close to the ground with directional changes next to the steep face, four successive bunny humps inside the rock ravine, helices and a tunnel - the ride guarantees for entertaining fun.

Die Schlusshelix mit Tunneleinfahrt Im Vordergrund: Speed-Kurve mit Umschwung
Zweite Drop Fahrzeug

The "hot trip" through the vulcano has a classic start: Lift hill, rolling first drop and two mouse curves - all of this at a dizzy height. But then the design positively plays with the technically feasible and the appeal of an artificially designed landscape made of natural stone.

Slowly, almost at walking speed the car enters a helix leading downwards. Suddenly the decline increases, the car is almost put vertical when the track banks by 81 degrees to the side and goes down... The vehicle negotiates one and a half turns within a height difference of 11 meters. This helix with a diameter of only nine meters offers a quite unusual drop whose proportions are unparalelled.

Panorama of the volcano and the magnificent helix

The car races towards a steep face of natural stone, negotiates a curve and nestles into the rock as if only this evasive manoeuvre could avert the collision. Close to the ground the vehicle rushes through a narrow, twisting valley. It can only go on like this - steel and rock form a breathtaking combination, and Nemesis at Alton Towers seems to send its regards. But the manoeuvres at Klotten are a lot tighter due to the single cars, the rock faces are closer and there are track elements that would not be negotiable with a coaster train. The ride keeps the action to the very end - the grand finale consists of another helix and a 180 degrees turn through a tunnel.

Almost nobody took notice of this coaster during its construction, but it could become a real highlight in Germany. It will start its operation on April 1st at Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten. It can be hoped that it will bring the appropriate amount of visitors towards the park near Koblenz, a little south of the famous Nürburgring, and that it finds the appreciation it deserves.

The pictures are copyrighted by Ingenieurbüro Lambert / Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten.

The copyright for the pictures belongs to the photographers and companies, respectively. Publishing, distribution and copying without written permission is strictly forbidden.

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